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Body Control and Isolation
Body Isolation followed by contraction and release technique combined with dynamic undulation movements and complex rhythmic coordination.


Afro Cuban
Steps , movements, rythms and story of gods related to afro-cuban religions such as Yoruba, Mayombé, Abakuá, Arará.

Contemporary Cuban
A unique mix of Ballet, Modern and Caribbean/African traditions which mainly consist in contraction and release techniques, combined with spine undulation movements and applications of stylized orishas movements


Salsa Fusion
A mix of afro and contemporary applied to salsa music .
Men's and Ladie's styling technique in footwork and partnerwork to improve their dance, musicality, style and rythm. 


Erind el Cacique

Erind el Cacique is the artistic director of Dance and Flow. He started dancing ballet and modern and playing the classic guitar in 1996 and from that moment music and dance have always been his life passion.

In 2000 was the year when he first met the Caribbean dances in Italy. Whilst practicing ballet and modern he also began a very intensive formation in other different salsa styles: Son, Cuban Salsa, L.A. Style, on2 Puerto Rican Style and N.Y. Style.
After 6 years of intense studying, he decided to share his passion and knowledge by teaching to others. In 2006 he took a further step and founded Dance and Flow.
That same year he also started studying Flamenco guitar and dances following Jose Greco II and Torombo’s technique and mastering "palos" and "bailes" such as Farruca, Alegrías, Bulerías, Soleá por Bulerías, Tangos etc.
This incredible path made him feel the power and energy of an explosive yet intense culture.
He lived in the US for 1 and half years and during this time he had also the opportunity to practice more the NY style and the opportunity to study with a lot of prestigious dance schools and teachers such as Eddie Torres, Thomas Guerrero, Franklin Diaz, Frankie Martinez etc.

In 2009 he decided to start a new challenge with the beautiful Afro Cuban Culture. Coming from a classic background he started to become passionate about "Cuban Contemporary", an incredible mix of Ballet, Modern and Caribbean/African traditions which mainly consist in contraction and release techniques, combined with spine undulation movements, following Luis Roblejo's technique. Related to the Contemporary his passion for the Afro Cuban culture  made him study more in depth the religions such as Yoruba, Mayombé, Abakuá, Arará  and the execution of their relative gods.

Taking as a reference teacher such as to Alfredo Ofaril, Juan Theodoro, Leydis Theodoro Delis, Yorgenis Danger, Esmil Diaz, Wilmer y Maria, Alberto Valdez,  etc. at present he continues to study and teach so that he can master these techniques as much as possible.

He has been teaching in a number of different countries such as Italy, US, UK, France, Belgium Netherlands, Australia etc. and he has been performing in a number of congresses all over the world. 

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